At Brian Dunlop Architects we work to deliver buildings, designs, interiors, and projects to exceed our client’s expectations. It is our job as architects to deliver bespoke spaces and environments within the established budget, within the agreed time frame, and incorporate a balance of aesthetics and functionality. Our design approach is not prescriptive but stems from the belief that good design is achieved through a collaborative approach.

We are committed to design excellence, high quality service, cost control, and efficiency. We understand the importance of our Client's requirements and we believe our role is to accommodate the functional and budgetary needs of the client but also to fulfill our responsibilities as architects towards the occupants of the building and the receiving environment.

We always aspire to add value to our projects by devising creative solutions. We always seek to provide integrated solutions which both reinforce and positively contribute to their immediate context, which create a sense of place, and which strengthens ties to community.